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Аура Белый нефрит Гуа Ша

Аура Белый нефрит Гуа Ша

Обычная цена €36,00 EUR
Обычная цена €36,00 EUR Цена со скидкой €36,00 EUR
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Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our Aura White Jade Gua Sha. This unique tool harnesses the natural transmitter of infrared rays found in white jade, which has a similar wavelength to the human body. Its special design allows for deep muscle relaxation, promoting a youthful complexion, reducing wrinkles, and contouring for every skin concern.


100% Premium Handcrafted White Jade Gua Sha


Perform gua sha massage as per your face concerns or following instructions on the box.

Always use gua sha on oil. Never use serum or cream for gua sha massage as it can cause trauma for skin.

Use Antioxidant oil for great results.


  • boost circulation, improve blood flow
  • improve skin tone
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • contour and tighten skin
  • promote hair growth when making head massage
  • reduce head aches
  • deeply relax muscles

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